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Insurance Information

We accept PayPal, Chase Direct, Check or Cash payments prior to sessions. While we do not offer direct insurance billing at this time, Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling is happy to support you in getting reimbursement from your insurance company for our services.

We have partnered with Better – an app that helps patients who pay out-of-pocket to get reimbursed by their health insurance.

Better makes filing your insurance claims simple.

Here’s how it works:
1. Download the iPhone app and sign up.

2. Forward this email, with your superbill attached, to

Better works with your insurance to get you paid. Find out more at

Simply send Better a photo of your SuperBill and they will handle the rest, including determining your eligibility and following-up with your health insurance company.

The App

Better makes it simple to get paid back by your health insurance. Just because we don’t accept insurance, doesn’t mean you miss out on our services. Just take a photo of your SuperBill with the app and Better works with your insurance to get you your money back.

Get paid back

Getting paid back for out-of-network health cares is often a complex process that can frustrate anyone to the point of giving up. With Better, claims can be filed in seconds. Better corrects coding errors, follows-up with insurance, and make sure that your claims are correctly paid back.


Better charges 10% of the money you get back. If a claim is applied to the your deductible or cannot be covered by insurance, the service is free. Better is dedicating 100% of their revenue to purchase and forgive $16 million in medical debt for those in need. For each claim processed, an American struggling with medical debt is helped.

Use Better to get paid back for your healthcare bills.


Do all health insurance policies reimburse out-of-network claims?

No, not all policies reimburse out-of-network claims. Better can check whether your policy will reimburse you for a specific type of out-of-network care.

What if I don’t know if my claim will be covered?

That is easy! Send it to us anyways. Better will check to determine whether or not your claim is covered by your policy. We won’t charge you anything if you don’t get any money back.

What if a claim is rejected?

If a claim is rejected, Better will work with your health insurance company to determine whether the decision can be appealed. If a claim is rejected for missing information, lack of preauthorization, or another administrative error, Better will automatically appeal the decision. If the case is more complex, such as a rejection because a claim is deemed not medically necessary, a Better agent will reach out to you to discuss the best course of action.

How long will it take to get reimbursed?

This depends on your insurance company and the complexity of your claim. It can take days to months for claims to be processed. Better contacts your insurance company regularly to expedite the process as much as possible.

How much money will I get back?

This depends on your specific insurance plan, your deductible and the type of medical service your received. Better will work with your insurance company and provider to maximize the amount reimbursed as much as possible.

How do I get my money back?

Your insurance company will issue you a check in the mail.