Counseling for Children and Teens

Mental Health Counseling for Kids

Counseling for Children and Teens is a rewarding experience when you find the right therapist. It is not uncommon for kids to become overwhelmed with school, home, and social burdens. This can bring about issues with anger, anxiety, depression and/or behavior. Different manifestations that may rise include misuse of medications, substances, outbursts, isolation, or discovering approaches to hurt themselves as well as other people. To advance ideal improvement, these are issues that can’t be overlooked. At Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling, I realize that the growing up can be an exciting and troublesome time in a one’s life, with special health risks and issues. That is the reason I built up the Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling, to give children and teens (between the ages of 6 and 18 years) the specific, comprehensive care they require.

Recognizing and diagnosing any mental health issue in children and teens is one of the most difficult tasks in health care. In some cases, behavioral and emotional signs and symptoms are related to other conditions. Disruptive or altered behavior could be a sign of certain disorder, but it can also be element of a normal development phase. It is quite normal for young children to lack the words to share their feelings and thoughts. On the other hand, teenagers may avoid communication. In many cases, community health care providers, courts, schools and other similar agencies don’t have the resources to deliver full evaluation. This is where Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling comes into play.

I am proud to offer a wide range of treatment options for children and teenagers with behavioral, emotional, peer, family and/or developmental obstacles. Counseling for Children and Teens shouldn’t be boring. I identify strengths, hobbies and interests and implement these into interventions based on the requirements and goals after thorough assessment. I am an experienced and mental health counselor who understands how important it is for children to learn necessary coping skills, communication techniques and problem solving skills that will help them overcome the challenges and obstacles of every day life experiences. I also realize that in order for progress to be made, a positive rapport and trust is essential. This is why I make sessions interactive and fun. Completely tailored to my clients interests.

I offer Counseling for Children and Teens that encourages emotional wellbeing and engagement, easing of symptoms and signs and help in achieving normal developmental achievements. I do my best to help families (especially parents) learn more about the complex structure of the process of development of young children and teens and how they affect the lives of their families and people around them. I am also here to explain the influence of psychological, biological and social factors on the development of motor, social, emotional and cognitive skills of children. Of course, we will also explain the mechanisms for prevention and/or treatment of developmental and behavioral disorders. I do not hesitate to talk and coordinate my care with parents, schools, doctors, specialists and other important organizations to make sure that your child or teen is safe, healthy and receiving the best care possible to improve their overall mental health.

Counseling for Teens
Counseling for Teens

What makes Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling special is the fact that I am always focused on alternative treatments for common mental and emotional issues in modern children. For instance, I provide Counseling for Children and Teens where my clients can explain their feelings freely without the presence of their parents if needed. Of course, I provide family counseling too which is an excellent option in case a family feels like they have become alienated from each other. One of the reasons why some children experience specific problems is the fact their parents have not developed strong parenting skills. It is never too late to start with parent skills training and I am here to help you. Finally, I provide exclusive yoga therapies specially designed for mental health issues such as anxiety, low self esteem, depression, ADHD and autism. Feel free to use the online counseling option in case your child or teen is experiencing social anxiety, crisis situations and any other circumstance that prevents them to meet me face to face. Appointment is required.

Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Counseling is currently accepting new clients in Oakland County, Michigan. To book an appointment please call 248-973-7958.